ELF 2017


The world is evolving at an exponential rate. The development of advanced technology expressed via digital tech, encompassing IOT, AI, and VR, has introduced unprecedented changes to our lives. Also, the convergence of biomedical and IT industries enable the extension of life and gender selection, which raises a question of ethics: where do we draw the moral line?

We stand on the brink of technological revolution and, yet, humanity still carries its initial problems such as war, terror, famine, disorder, ignorance, and illiteracy. Now more than ever, continuous change has become a reality; it is our task to contemplate as to provide a better environment for humanity. Furthermore, the utmost responsibility that we cannot evade from is preparing our youngsters for the future. Whether we teach them about it or not, the future belongs to them. Neglecting to pass down what we have inherited ourselves is a dereliction of duty. We cannot pass down skills or technique that has yet been invented. The knowledge and technology of their time, they will learn themselves. However, our objective as ‘adults’ should be focused on aiding our youth to develop a sound body and mind, so that they could build a firm basis for their future.

How and what should we teach? We hope that “Educare Leaders Forum” will be a venue for addressing these matters. Perhaps protecting the moral character of children might be more important that education itself. The question is how we can guide the future generations to make sound judgements and embrace a progressive spirit even in the midst of an excessively materialized civilization. Whatever the outcome, the true meaning of “Educare Leaders Forum” is to interchange ideas and gather wisdom to make a brighter future for the next generation.

Thank you,

Michael Cho
Chair, Educare Leaders Forum Committee