Technical Session (11.24.Sat)

Learn insights and Q&A from industry experts!

Coding Education for Young Children

Experts and parents alike agree that coding education should be required for children of all ages to prepare for the digital age.

Coding class is will not only prepare kids for the progressing technologies to come, but also proven educational method to foster children’s creativity, critical-thinking, and logic.

At the EduCare Leaders Forum, we will discuss a wide range of topics with educators, industry experts and parents about coding education.


“Coding Education Company Success Story”

Coding education has risen as the next step in education in the past 3 years. Before, text-based coding technique was a language only experts can use, no however, it has become an essential ability for children.

Cecel recognized the lack of coding programs designed for children and has developed and tested coding programs for the past three years ranging from elementary to high school year. Their coding education contents have been exported to China and Vietnam and has seen huge success in both countries. In this session, Cecel’s Head of Research Ms. Eunye Cho, will share how their program was met with success overseas.


“Creativity through Computational Thinking”

As the relationship between creative problem solving and computation thinking is still unclear to us, Professor Pyo of Gwanju University, Dept of Early Childhood Education will explain their relationship based upon his studies and experiences.