Technical session will comprise industry experts sharing their business insight and motivating the audience from the corporate sector.
Deepen your knowledge and expand your insight through Q&A during the session!
※ Available for 2 consecutive days

Technical Day 1


“4IR and the Future of Special Education”

Complex integral services provided with an analog system, have brought forth inefficiency in equally providing the services. Unfortunately, it is still true for our children with disabilities that they are frustrated from enjoying the same range of SMART education opportunities from those others.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, expected to set the platform for providing advantageous services to everyone equally, will the time come for all those who seek for the services be able to enjoy their own special, personalized programs?

With such expectation, we will be forecasting the present and the future for childhood education during this lecture, “4IR and the Future of Special Education”.


“Smart Special Education for Children with Disabilities”

Technological innovations are often not equally accessible to everyone. If SMART technology were to take the role to embrace the difference and fight discrimination, its effort should be put foremost on the development of the advanced tools for special education.

During this lecture, we will be hearing about the ways to lower the barrier within our society through SMART learning and communication.


Business Case Study: “Education Startup ENUMA”

Used in over 1,300 US Classrooms, app ranking #1 on AppStore, “Best Family-friendly App” on Google, won Semi-Finalist on XPRIZE

Enuma was selected semi-finalist on the Global Learning XPRIZE competition organized by the US XPRIZE Foundation in collaboration with UNESCO and the Tanzanian government. The competition calls for open-sourced education solutions for children in underdeveloped countries, and Enuma won over 197 other companies with its entry Kitkit School, a tablet-based app for children in Pre-K through 2nd grade that teaches basic literacy and math.

Todo math is now used in over 1,300 classrooms in the US as part of their school curriculum and its mobile application is globally recognized as one of the best math apps for children.

Enuma will share with us their company history, vision, major challenges, and insights to encourage and motivate startups.


Business Case Study


“Vietnamese Start-up Market Environment and the Future of Edutech”

Vietnam, quickly evolving to become Asia’s latest business hot spot, is now investing its resources to startup business development.

During the session, we will learn about the future of business development in Vietnam including Edutech from Vietnamese startup business expert. Along the way, you’ll also be able to examine your business potential in the market.


“EDUTECH SUMMIT 2017 – In collaboration with ETSA”

Edutech Long-Term Strategy: Collective Intelligence and Business Innovation

Track 1. Becoming a global enterprise leading in Edutech industry:  The current state of Edutech and challenges in the future

Track 2. Future Strategy fit for an Edutech CEO: What direction to take and case studies

Track 3. Working together for the growth of Edutech: Can participants of the Edutech Forum work as a team to create the platform for innovation? If so, what measures can be taken to cooperate?

Placing itself at the epicenter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Edutech leads change by bringing together old and new technologies in education. The focal point of interest from not only the government but also from industries, schools, and other educational institutions, the term “Edutech” has now become the icon for innovation in education. As “Edutech” becomes more well-known to the public, forums and conferences that share Edutech’s innovations have become largely available, however, such events do little to improve the actual growth of industries in Edutech.

The Edutech Summit 2017 provides a place to encourage conversation about the current attitude towards future education and growth in Edutech industries by inviting innovators at the forefront of the industry. Especially to note will be the debate on the forum participants’ out-of-the-box business strategies, its possibilities, and action plan.