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Technical Day 2


“Maker Education, Present and Future”

Nurturing children to become a well-adept adult in the 4th Industrial Revolution has become the crucial issue in today’s education innovation.
Maker education, when implicated, creates immersion that leads to an enhanced learning effect, maximized sense of accomplishment, and is a motivator of self-education.

Maker education is known to maximize children’s feeling of accomplishment by adopting discovery-based teaching techniques: By stimulating their curiosity, children are self-motivated to acquire more skills and knowledge by themselves.
As a result, maker education has been successfully developing and improving children’s creativity and expertise.

The session will include topics the difference between maker education to those conventional, the true essence of the education, and the possibility of the model as an alternative education model.


“Maker Education in China: Creativity Development”

The development of 3D printer and different types of sensors along with the spread of open source culture, have provided an environment where people can create their own custom devices. The Maker Movement that began out of curiosity and excitement, is now promoting innovation throughout the society.

In China, a number of profit-making ‘hardware’ startups have sprung up, setting the new, unconventional educational model to the society. Educational revolution in China was possible due to the network global educational communities, which enabled China to learn and respond to the global education trend. The Chinese government is now funding for the development of programming and robot education under the name of ‘science education dissemination’ and is striving to improve creativity among their children.

What will we need to prepare to have the Korean society absorb the maker culture  openly in 2018? I want to talk about the reasons and strategies in China that have been able to spread in a short period of time.


“Maker Education and Maker School”

Maker space is an educational space where children can realize their ideas and imaginations into an actual output. However, its installation and operation are often hindered by budget and space limitation, administrative problems, and so on.

Is there an alternative institution where teachers may be able to nurture ‘Young Makers’ without those problems mentioned above? Through this lecture, we will learn about the ways to create and operate a maker space with small budget. Fancy lab with MakerBus, 3D Printer, Laser Cutter is not always necessary.


“NURI Curriculum: Implications for Implementation of Korea’s National Early Childhood Curriculum”

With the dawn of the Age of Artificial Intelligence, education is evolving from the outcome-based approach to experience and competency based teaching and learning.

Starting in 70 years, along with the major educational policy reform in regular school courses and entrance examination policy, Korean government introduced the Nuri curriculum as a national curriculum in 2012 for all children aged 3-5 in both kindergartens and childcare centers. The curriculum aims to promote holistic development of children aged 3-5 and establish overarching principles for becoming responsible citizens of the society.

The Korea government, in search of methods for building comprehensive approaches to resolve the disparities between kindergartens and childcare centers and for integrating ECEC system in a way that ensures a higher level of quality than ever before, have announced their Five-Year Plan in investing in improving the quality of the program by 2017.

Their Five-Year Plan includes development of performance indicators to ensure education quality, which is expected to have a huge impact within the education society.

The session will highlight some of the major issues relating to the educational reform now happening in Korea.


“2018 Educare Leaders Forum Best Brand Award: Top 5 Childhood Coding Education Brand”