Letter from the CEO

As the world is evolving at an exponential rate, advancing technologies such as digital tech, IOT, AI, and VR, has introduced unprecedented change to our lives. Biomedical engineering is helping people to live a longer and healthier lives and even choose the gender of our children. There’s no question that such technologies raise a certain question: where do we draw the line ethically?

We stand in the brink of a technology revolution and yet, we are still carrying the same problems such as war, terror, famine, disorder, and illiteracy. Continuous change has become a reality and it is our task to think about and put into motion ethical changes that will go in line with the advancing technologies. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future. Our objective as adults should be to focus on helping our youth develop a sound body and mind, a strong foundation that will help them through whatever challenges that lies ahead.

What should we teach our children? How can we guide the future generation into making ethical judgments and embrace the changes in an increasingly materializing world?

We hope that Educare Leaders Forum (ELF) will be a venue for discussing such matters. Perhaps protecting the moral character of children might be more important than education itself. Whatever the outcome, the purpose of ELF is to exchange ideas and gather knowledge in order to make a brighter future for the next generation.

Thank you,

Michael Minjae Cho
Chair, Educare Leaders Forum Committee