Professional Session (11.16. Sat)

The world’s best experts give in depth presentation and share their experiences in Early Childhood Education followed by a lengthy Q & A in the Professional Session.

“YouTube Literacy”

Traditional education has been radically changed due to the development of technology and the emergence of various social media. Especially the effect of YouTube is overwhelming.

Literacy originally means traditional literacy as itself, but these days it is expanding into computers, the Internet, digital and media.

Digital literacy refers to not only the ability to understand and utilize the content produced by various digital media, but also produce and distribute content using digital media.

Media literacy implies both the ability to critic the content through the media, and to create content based on the characteristics of the media, and to consider how the content you create affects other people.

Then, what is YOUTUBE literacy?

In Korea, not only the number of children watching videos on YouTube is soaring, but also the number of parents uploading contents on YouTube which their children appear on is growing.

So, we would like to handle with this social phenomenon, to discuss how to properly understand and use YouTube in terms of early childhood education. We will call all this [YouTube Literacy].

YOUTUBE has dominated social media as a platform to share experiences, and become the most watched video channel for children. As children choose content on their own that they consume, we have to focus on education that allows children to recognize proper contents on their own.

We will help parent and teacher to cultivate critical understanding of YouTube’s operating system and content through this session. It will include panel discussion about KIDS YouTuber, its side effects and how to prevent them. For examples, protection of child’s portrait rights if parent discloses on SNS, Necessity of preparing legal standards for child’s labor and revenue protection and so on.


“Difference between Generation of Media and Youtube”


“Literacy-approach To YOUTUBE Generation”


“Utilizing YOUTUBE in Childhood Education”

Panel Discussion

“KIDS YouTuber between Labor and Play”